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To offer you the best customer experience, our Spares Supply, Component Repair, Operator Programs and Product Support teams work closely together, bringing you more responsiveness, more availability and more quality.

GKN Aerospace is a first tier supplier to the global aviation industry. A leader in the manufacturing of highly complex composite metallic aerostructures and engine products, our business is equally focused on miltary and civil markets.

Electromech Technologies is a worldwide leader in servicing the aerospace & defense markets. Electromech custom designs and manufactures a broad range of products including AC Motors, DC Motors, Actuators & Blowers.

SMR Technologies Ice Shield™ De-icing System prepares your aircraft to encounter in-flight icing conditions. Ice Shield offers the cornerstones of quality–Fast, Effective, Smart–with a delivery guarantee you can count on.

With over 20 years of dedicated Turbine Engine Accessory MRO experience & industry leading Quality Standards, Kansas Aviation is one of the largest global facilities by volume of its kind & the trusted source for your aircraft engine accessory needs.

BBA Aviation company, Ontic, is a manufacturer of aircraft OEM licensed components and assemblies. Ontic provides legacy product support, as well as service, manufacture and support for engines, aerospace components, sub-systems and systems.

Aero-Mach Labs is one of the industry's most trusted sources for the repair, overhaul, exchange and manufacturing of aircraft instrumentation.

Baker Aviation is a full-service private aircraft charter, management, and maintenance company licensed to provide professional aviation services in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. You can count on our commitment to provide the greatest safety, service, convenience, and privacy. We make flying easy.

Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division produces products for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft ranging from single engine general aviation airplanes to turbine-powered helicopters to long range business jets.

H3R Aviation offers a wide selection of Halon and Halon-alternative fire extinguishers for aircraft. Models range from 14 oz to 150 lb Wheeled Units.

Kapco Global is a stocking distributor with products that range from electrical interconnect, cabin and interior to precision mechanical components, sensing & switching devices to seals and fluid management system products.

For over 48 years, Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has been an industry leader in the overhaul/exchange, repair, design and manufacturing of aircraft instruments and avionics.

More than 35 years have gone into making Perkins Aircraft Services, Inc. a well-respected technological leader in the manufacturing and development of aircraft transparencies.

PWI pioneered fluorescent lighting systems for the aircraft industry in 1972 and has been a leading OEM supplier ever since. Manufactured in-house, we can custom bend tube to match any installation, or create Custom LED lighting systems.

RAPCO produces an extensive line of FAA-PMA approved replacement brake parts for general aviation aircraft. With 86 brake discs, RAPCO manufactures more than any other aftermarket brake company.

Shadin Avionics is a global leader for innovative avionics solutions for military aerospace, commercial, business and general aviation. Shadin Avionics’ Fuel Flow Systems, Engine Trend Monitors (ETM), Airdata, Computers, Encoders, Flight Data.

True Blue Power® are innovators in the design and manufacturing of next generation power solutions. True Blue Power is harnessing the power of Nanophosphate® lithium-ion cell technology.

Rapco Fleet Support, Inc. manufactures FAA-PMA approved aircraft brake components, with a longer life and increased cycle life over the OEM, and comes with substantial cost savings.

Héroux-Devtek Inc. specializes in the design, development, manufacture and repair and overhaul of landing gear and actuation systems and components for the Aerospace market. It is the third largest aero landing gear company in the world.

Protection R.T. Inc (PRT), an extension of Incendex Inc., specializes in the manufacture and sales of liquefied gas portable extinguishers for the Aviation Industry and Military as well as a wide range of liquefied gas systems.

Hartzell Engine Technologies are the recognized leader in aircraft engine accessory and cabin heating solutions. They offer an array of engineered systems for general aviation and military aircraft applications, from piston and single-engine turbine aircraft to helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Hutchinson (formerly Barry Controls) is an International company specializing in the engineering, manufacturing, testing, support, & repair of products that control vibration, motion, shock & noise in fixed and rotary-wing Aircraft. Hutchinson is the world’s major OEM & commercial supplier for Aircraft Engine Vibration Isolation Systems & APU Isolation Systems.