Featured Aircraft Products

SMR Technologies Ice Shield™ De-Ice Boots

When you need to get off the ground in icy conditions, you can trust the time-tested, original design of Ice Shield™. Featuring a system that is interchangeable with existing de-icers and fully compatible with existing air supply systems, SMR Technologies’ FAA STC/PMA approved Ice Shield™ De-Ice Boots provide a faster, better, and smarter way to de-ice your aircraft.

Rapco Replacement Brake Parts

Everyone wants to find ways to decrease operating costs without sacrificing quality or safety, and RAPCO has the solution. RAPCO produces one-piece brake discs forged from steel with no welds, eliminating cracking and rust — and are significantly stronger than their two-piece counterparts. All brakes are FAA-PMA approved and guaranteed to meet your demanding brake needs.

PWI, Inc. King Air LED Lighting

PWI uses state of the art LEDs and driver technology to produce energy efficient, cost effective lighting solutions. PWI’s LED Upgrade for the King Air C90, 100, 200 & 300 Series aircraft is a product of innovative technology that reduces weight and current draw, while increasing the life span and reliability of the overall lighting system. The result is an LED retrofit that provides unmatched fit, form and function to the present lighting system and simultaneously maintains all of the same lighting characteristics of the existing system.

Kansas Aviation Firewall Forward Engine Accessories

Together with Kansas Aviation, GlobalParts.aero provides passionately customer-focused solutions for your aircraft – from a single comprehensive unit, to a complete engine package of accessories including: Ignition Exciters, Fuel Controls, Fuel Pumps, Fuel / Oil Heaters and Coolers, Fuel Nozzles, Over Speed, Torque Control / Limiters, Bleed Air, Engine Bleed Valves, Anti-Ice, Oil Pumps, Oil Coolers, Environmental Canisters, and Engine Wiring Harnesses.