Aircraft Hydraulic Pump & System Repairs

There’s a lot riding—or should we say flying—on the reliable operation of your aircraft hydraulic systems. Used to move everything from the flaps to the landing gear to the brakes, the hydraulic system of pumps, cylinders, actuators and hydraulic fluid must function for long periods of time without failure. Modern aircraft uses hydraulic systems for a number of flight critical operations.

Entrust your aircraft hydraulic systems to the seasoned MRO experts at GlobalParts. Our passionate and dedicated team has decades of experience repairing, servicing and overhauling aircraft hydraulic pumps, actuator assemblies, aircraft hydraulic cylinders and related components.

Whether you need a hydraulic pump overhaul or work on your entire landing gear hydraulic system, you can expect the best work and a personalized experience every time.

Aircraft Landing Gear

We provide service, repairs, overhauls and exchanges for the following aircraft hydraulic system parts and related components:

Hydraulic pumps
Actuator assemblies

Brake valves
Flap control units
Flap actuators

Master cylinders
High pressure switches

For specific part numbers and OEMs, visit our Component Capabilities page.

Aircraft Hydraulic System Repair Process

Our reliable, efficient internal workflow ensures quick processing and customer satisfaction with every job. With over 95,000 parts on hand in our partnered distribution center, your service job won’t be slowed down waiting for a part to arrive.

Need aviation spares instead of repairs? We’re committed to carrying the most comprehensive inventory of aviation spares you’ll find anywhere. We have new, used and overhauled hydraulic pumps, cylinders, actuators and more in stock and ready to go.

The moment we receive your component, it’s inspected and verified.

The part is disassembled and detailed part inspection is performed.

The part is built or repaired.
The part is thoroughly tested down to the micron and returned to you in top shape.