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Our Equipment

Advanced Equipment Capabilities

We accomplish superiority and speed with the best available equipment on the market, including multiple 5-axis machines and a volume mill system, which allow us to do custom machining unlike anyone else.

The Makino MAG1 is a 5-axis horizontal machining center, specifically designed for high-productivity machining of complex parts. It integrates speed and power of the spindle with a machine platform that provides rapid precision-contouring capability – all while maximizing the percentage of the total time the spindle is cutting. The number of process variables related to the part production and the number of setups are both minimized. The MAG 1 has a proprietary industry-leading spindle design to ensure high metal-removal rates.

The MU-6300V 5-axis vertical machining center achieves high efficiency and high productivity in 5-axis, multi-sided machining. This CNC vertical machining center has a highly rigid and accurate double column structure and low center of gravity in workpiece movement (trunnion table) that enable both heavy duty cutting and high speed finishing on any materials. The L is for the lathe option which spins the work piece at 800 rpm while cutting with lathe tooling!

CNC Milling Machines

Our universal machining centers start with the Haas UMC-750, which is a 5-axis 40-taper vertical machining center with 30" x 20" x 20" travels and an integrated dual-axis trunnion table. The machine is equipped with a powerful 8100-rpm inline direct-drive spindle, driven by a 30-horsepower vector drive system, and comes standard with a 40+1 tool side-mount tool changer. The UMC-750’s 630 x 500 mm trunnion table features standard T-slots, as well as a precision pilot bore for fixturing versatility. The trunnion provides +110 and -35 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation to provide excellent tool clearance and large part capacity.

The Haas VF4-SS is based on the shop-proven Haas VF-4 platform with high-performance Super-Speed vertical machining centers, providing the high spindle speeds, fast rapids and quick tool changes necessary for high-volume production and reduced cycle times. The machines are equipped with a 12,000-rpm, 40-taper spindle that features a unique inline, direct-drive system that couples the drive directly to the spindle rather than using belts. This results in smoother transmission of power and less heat, which provides better surface finishes, extreme thermal stability and quiet operation.

Additional CNC Systems